Sunday, May 21, 2017

What is Art for?... Eric Kandel... APOGEE Vibrational Art... perspectives in accord...

What is Art for?
Thrilled to share... pleased to have found...A presentation by Eric Kandel, a most noted researcher...  

This so related to my studies, research, and writing while a student of Psychology and Art, at Hunter College, New York. Within this talk comes the understanding of why APOGEE Vibrational Art™ leads to a deeper breath and reduction in stress indicators. Viewing the art becomes a creative experience, allowing you to project into its offerings, your own interpretation and perception. It is an art form that calls onto one's imagination. The balance, the interplay of color and light, is experienced differently depending on our own aesthetic references, image and color preferences. YES, it is you that bring body, mind and spirit to be in commune with the art. 

Do enjoy a deeper breath, a stress free moment.

As a student of Psychology and Art, I appreciate these expressed perspectives. Indeed in shared accord. Here offered within the discussion, is an explanation to the findings that have come forth when measuring the effects of viewing APOGEE Vibrational Art™. These works of art bring forth a measured increase of in breath and reduction in stress indicators, as measured by bio-feedback while viewing specific works of art.

Visit the collection presented here at : Yes, you are invited to engage your imagination and feel the delight of a deeper in breath. 

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI

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