Monday, January 27, 2014

Gallery Talk ~ THOTH ~ The Emerald Tablets ~ The Sounding Light

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So very pleased with this opportunity to share what has been an inspired influence in my work as an educator, poet, artist and pioneering sound therapist... ONE as inspiration for each purpose defined and lived. Visual Soundscapes, APOGEE Vibrational Art™, has been proven, through biofeedback processes, to have a profound and beneficial effect on breath, integration of left and right brain functioning, and reduction in stress indicators. Those who have viewed the works are consistent in their positive appraisal. So do plan to join in... yes, explore, experience and share your personal perspectives... indeed The Art of BEING... 

In Another's Name

What be this quest and this claim
To reveal SELF in another's name
Callings silent yet be they heard
Echoes of heart in revelation's word
Visions of places and divine deeds
Sound, light, truth as living creed
The Treasure 
of    Heart, 
the   One
the   Truth, 
the   Harmonies 
Beyond conceal
This the embracing purpose real
Bear in TRUTH your claim
SELF revealed in another's name.
Rose Marie Raccioppi


  1. The snow to settle... the sun to shine... and the event at the Union Arts Center ready to Welcome You!! The exhibit, "The Sounding Light, " embrace this opportunity to experience art that holds to ancient principles of light and vibration in modern day expression. Enjoy the opportunity to share your perceptions and hear of the personal accounts and research findings of two bio-feedback scientists. Yes, Art, Science, Ancient Teachings, Sound/Vibration in dialogue, in accord. Spare not the BEAUTY, Spare not the TRUTH.

  2. Yesterday's presentation at The Union Arts Center, was well received. Delighted that there were those who braved the weather and mounds of snow to be in attendance. To grasp the significance of ancient works in their relationship to present day events, visions, and perceived challenges, was, and is, a tribute to the mind and spirit of humanity. Within the Emerald Tablets, within The Kabalion, there lies an understanding that serves to liberate us from the shackles of illusion. I offer this poem as a token of gratitude for sharing the voice of THOTH ~ Hermes Trismegistus....

    Counsel of Ancient Be Known

    Fear no longer to take hold
    FAITH be VALOR and TRUTH noble and bold
    Purpose and intention in vision and deed
    The GOOD of humanity be the resounding creed
    To WISDOM, to CREATION, so willingly I surrender
    The artist's brush, the poet's pen in expressive splendor
    The Emerald Tablets of THOTH, counsel of ancient be known
    TRUTH and FORBEARANCE the NOW in WISDOM shown.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi