Monday, January 27, 2014

Gallery Talk ~ THOTH ~ The Emerald Tablets ~ The Sounding Light

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So very pleased with this opportunity to share what has been an inspired influence in my work as an educator, poet, artist and pioneering sound therapist... ONE as inspiration for each purpose defined and lived. Visual Soundscapes, APOGEE Vibrational Art™, has been proven, through biofeedback processes, to have a profound and beneficial effect on breath, integration of left and right brain functioning, and reduction in stress indicators. Those who have viewed the works are consistent in their positive appraisal. So do plan to join in... yes, explore, experience and share your personal perspectives... indeed The Art of BEING... 

In Another's Name

What be this quest and this claim
To reveal SELF in another's name
Callings silent yet be they heard
Echoes of heart in revelation's word
Visions of places and divine deeds
Sound, light, truth as living creed
The Treasure 
of    Heart, 
the   One
the   Truth, 
the   Harmonies 
Beyond conceal
This the embracing purpose real
Bear in TRUTH your claim
SELF revealed in another's name.
Rose Marie Raccioppi

Thursday, January 23, 2014

... and I at the bench...

... and I at the bench...

I at the bench
Touched by The Sounding Light
Colors before me in choral splendor
Brilliant, lyrical, motion in stillness sublime
Heard is the music
Felt is the dance
The beckoning Muse in surrender sweet.

The Sounding Light Exhibit at the Quincy Hall Gallery, Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York features 17 large works of art, including original watercolors. In addition, a selection of over 30 fine art prints, limited editions, matted, signed and ready for framing, 11 x 14 also on exhibit and available for purchase. 

The exhibit will be open through the months of January and February, 2014. Open Gallery on Wednesdays, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ~ other times arranged as requested. Please call or write to schedule other viewing times: 845-359-0258 or

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The WOW Factor in operation...

Here is it in operation... The WOW Factor,  one's art chosen for the cover of a major publication serving culture, art and community of the Lower Hudson Valley of New York ... January/February edition, 2014!!! "The Sounding Light" Collection on exhibit at The Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York. Exhibit will be open through January and February 2014,  cover feature of, "HOOK." Click link to view publication: 

Open Gallery Hours, Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York, Every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM and other viewing times by appointment. Exhibit and Sales. See Events calendar: ~ January ~ February, 2014.

Seventeen larger works on view include original watercolors. Fine art prints available.  All by custom order. Limited edition, signed, ready for framing. Contact: Rose Marie Raccioppi, APOGEE Paradigm™ - 845-359-9056  Contact: The Union Arts Center to arrange a personal viewing time: 
845-359-0258 or

The featured cover art, "Grace Be Faith," in poetic dialogue is presented on APOGEE Poet ~ do ENJOY! 

In celebration and gratitude,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Palette and Word ~ Artistry of Rose Marie Raccioppi"

The images were seen, the words were read, and Josh, appreciating each, created, 
"Palette and Word ~ Artistry of Rose Marie Raccioppi" 

The Sounding Light
color, line, form, mood, intention
in poetic dialogue
Here offered for your viewing pleasure.
Presented are 
Visual Sound Scapes
Abstractions from Nature
that call to heart
the many moods of time and thought.
The Sounding Light Collection available in Fine Art Prints
 via custom order
peruse all the works posted
you are sure to find one or many that pleases you
For inquires on works of art contact:
Rose Marie Raccioppi

Visual Sound Scapes ~ Abstractions From Nature ~ The Artistry of Rose Marie Raccioppi

Quake and Storm, APOGEE Vibrational Art, 
©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2014.

..with palette in hand...

Quake and Storm 

the line be it beauty perceived
the light be it TRUTH revealed
the shadow be it time cast
the color be it passion known
the stirring, the quest, the resolve
quake and storm
'tis the artist's way.

The Gala Opening of, "The Sounding Light" has brought friends, family, community and art enthusiasts to view the exhibited works created by Rose Marie Raccioppi. Sign in commentary has brought many a word of praise and appreciation for the art conceived and made manifest. The most frequently noted observations were stated as, "beautiful, inspirational, moving, fluid, impressive, pleasingly organic, soothing, relaxing, energizing, sensitive, engaging, relevant, spirited, color with meaning, different for sure, most inviting."  Rose Marie's works have been deemed, "Visual Sound Scapes", a most beautiful series of, "Abstractions from Nature." 

You are invited to view the currently exhibited works at, The Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York. Exhibit will be open through the month of January and February, 2014. You can contact Rose Marie Raccioppi directly at for private viewing by appointment, or arrange a private viewing with The Union Arts Center by contacting

Union Arts Center
2 Union Ave Sparkill, NY 10976
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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Sounding Light ~ Opening Gallery Event ~ An Evening of Splendor

The Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York

Presented here are four of the seventeen works on exhibit at 
The Quincy Hall Gallery, The Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York

The Artist's Statement Poetically Presented

Is it

Is it brush in hand and thought in heart
From which this painting has its start
Where comes this call I hear as mine
Word, color and form these gifts of time
Is it the Muse that summons the soul
Beauty be the quest, beauty be the goal
And when in completion a work is to be
Is it the Muse I hear in joyful reverie
Is it Truth that anoints each new day
With the knowing path of the spirit's way
Ever present this reach to do and create
Welcome I Truth, the Muse, Destiny and Fate
God be known in what I receive and give
This be the decree for each moment I live
Is it when faith and knowing jointly resound
That God and the Muse so freely are found
So be it brush or pen in heart, mind or hand
It is to be in the Creator's fullest command.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

Presentation table of,  The Wind and The Willow, 
book of poetry by Rose Marie Raccioppi

The Wind And The Willow by Rose Marie Raccioppi 
| 9781604744545 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble

"September Morn," displayed on an easel, is a most recent addition to the exhibit, "The Sounding Light." The smaller work, "The Celestial Sea," on the table, welcomes your sign in and comments. In addition to the seventeen larger works on display and available for purchase, offered are over 30 fine art prints, 11" x 14" in limited edition, signed, matted, and ready for framing. This all within the most engaging, Union Arts Center... do plan to visit. Open Gallery Every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Contact The Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York,  to arrange a personal viewing time: 845-359-0258 or The exhibit will be open through the month of January and February 2014.

Inquiries for purchase or for custom orders
Rose Marie Raccioppi 
Tappan, New York

Click on image for larger view.

Photos: Collectible Clicks, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 01/04/2014.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Sounding Light ~ Gallery Exhibit, Union Arts Center, Sparkill, New York

The Sounding Light

An exhibition featuring the art, vision, and poetry of:

Rose Marie Raccioppi, Artist & Poet Laureate

Artist Reception

Live music, spoken word, dance, wine & refreshments
Saturday, January 4, 2014, 5-7pm
Union Arts Center, Quincy Hall Gallery
Sparkill, New York

Reception Program

Music: Songs of Solitude
Works of: Debussy and Gurdjieff/De-Hartmann
Performed by: Yashar Yaslowitz, Pianist
Director of The Carnegie Concert Series

Spoken Word: Poetic Dialogues of Rose Marie Raccioppi,
Artist, Poet Laureate, Educator, Sound Therapist
Founder Director, APOGEE Paradigm™

Dance: Ali, Spirit Dance Interpretations